Kids Travel Journal and Passport

This adorable custom made kit includes: 

-Design your own US passport

-Travel Journal Booklet 5 1/2” x 8 1/2”: 10 pages with FUN educational facts about Haiti 

-30 stickers: Color each sticker and insert them into the journal and US passport by the coordinating number. 

Supplies Needed: scissors, stapler and colored pencils

Age Range: 5-11 (ish)

Each kit comes in a clear resealable polypropylene cover.  Each page is printed on 110 Ib recycled card stock paper. 

This product was created for educational purposes only and not classified under the Trade Fair values. We custom designed this kit to share with others what a typical day in Haiti is like. These are FUN facts that are unique and show a glimpse of the beautiful country.